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Happy Canada Day! {part 2}

I made my kids shirts for Canada Day this morning- wish I hadn't left making them until the last minute. But this week flew by super-fast!

Anyways, trying to get a picture of them together can sure be tricky. This is the best that I got. My daughter was tired and needed her nap & was mad that I wouldn't let her run around.

I started out with 2 shirts from Walmart (they were $4 each.)

I washed them before I got to work so they were pre-shrunk. For my son's shirt, I originally wanted a white shirt with red paint on it. But he is 3 and a half and wants everything to be blue- his fave colour. So I let him get blue and used black paint instead. I think the red and white would have looked better, but oh well!

So I had him dip his hand in paint and then put his hand on the shirt. His hand acts as the maple leaf of the flag. Then I made the sides with a foam brush. I wasn't concerned about perfection.

For my daughter's shirt, In used freezer paper and a maple leaf die cut to make my stencil. And I cut the sides of the flag out of the freezer paper using my paper trimmer.

I decided to make it pink and girly. So after I pained on the pink, I added some glitter paint over top. Super cute!

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians! Enjoy your long weekend! :)


flower t-shirt {freezer paper stencil}

Last month my sister-in-law gave me freezer paper and some different colours of fabric paint so I could get started on projects using freezer paper stencils. I am recovering from a crazy month & a serious crafting rut. But I finally gave the freezer paper thing a try last week- and I don't know why I didn't try sooner! I just love how easy it all is and how endless the possibilities are!!

My first project was pretty simple..... a t-shirt for my daughter...

My supplies:

-freezer paper
-pink fabric paint, foam brush, and disposable plate (that I used as my paint tray)
-exacto knife & cutting mat and scissors
-die cut image of a daisy

I started with my plain white t-shirt ($4 from Walmart).

I have a bunch of die cuts from years ago in my scrapbook stash, I found one that I wanted to use as the stencil image for the shirt.

Then traced the image onto the dull side of the freezer paper.

Then I cut the image out using my exacto knife. Then ironed the image onto the shirt (shiny side down.) It's pretty cool how that works!

I put some of the freezer paper inside the shirt so the paint wouldn't bleed through. Then I painted away! I used 2 coats.

Once dry, I peeled away the freezer paper.

And then I dressed my little girl in her new shirt!

I seriously can't wait to get a bunch more solid-coloured t-shirts so I can get busy making more. My mind is spinning with ideas!

Thanks Paige for getting me addicted to another crafting area! ;)

{This project was featured on One Pretty Thing.}

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