My Daughter's 3rd Birthday Party- Princess Theme!

So back in April, my daughter turned 3 and she had a Disney Princess Birthday Party!

The invitation:

The table getting set up......

There was lots of pink involved in the party decorations of course......

I got this wood castle cut-out from the dollar store ($1.25 at Dollarama) & painted it pink & sprayed it with glitter......

I had all the Disney Princess supplies purchased months in advance which was smart since I was quite sick at the time with my pregnancy. 

In the living room, I hung another banner & had some more balloons......

I had this magnetic dry-erase crown on our front door......

The treat bag loot for the girls...... (since she has more boy cousins than girl cousins I had some boy character bubbles and crayons for the boys' treat bags.)

I wrote the name of each princess or prince on the back of the treat bags to keep them straight......

The birthday girl being silly for a picture before her guests arrived......

I found this Wilton cardboard cake stand set at the dollar store months before her party for $3. It was just perfect and I am glad I snagged one when I did because I haven't seen them there since!

The birthday girl was happy as can be with her party!

I covered the labels on the bottles of water with princess wrapping paper & didn't get a chance to do the same to the bottles of pop as I normally do......

It was great to celebrate our Princess Megan's 3rd birthday with lots of family over & she loved her Princess party!


"Orange You Glad It's Summer?" Teacher Gift Idea + Free Printable

My son only has 2 more days of kindergarten & I am definitely excited to have him home for the summer! Here is what he will be giving his teachers as an end-of-the-year gift......

I went on the hunt for orange things & this is what I got together......

{Reusable bag, acrylic insulated cup, ice cube tray, box of fuzzy peach candies, bag of orange cream pop candies, orange chocolate, orange gum, small photo frame, pencil + notepad, chapstick, and kleenex packet.}

I made up a printable of the tags. I sized them so that 2 fit on a 4x6 sized print. Then you have 2- 2x3 prints.
You can download the file here.

I cut mine, rounded the corners, then attached them to the back of some Project Life journalling cards that coordinated well. On the back I wrote a little note to each of my son's teachers thanking them for teaching him throughout the year & my son also signed his name on the cards.

I used these cute orange ribbon paper clips that I got in this package for 50 cents from Michael's to attach the cards to the bags.

I had some cute orange & pink creamsicle ribbon that I used to tie the handles of the bags together since it matched the bags so well. And you can see how I added the tags on using the paper clips......

I am so grateful for my son's teachers who have taught him this year.
He has had a wonderful time in kindergarten and I really appreciate all they have done, so I hope they enjoy these little gifts!


"Have a happy summer, Smartie!" {End-of-the-Year Classmate Gifts}

The school year is winding down around here. My son will be finished kindergarten next week & I wanted to put together a little something for everyone in his class......

I bought the orange bags from Target. A pack of 20 for only $1.
The Smarties were $0.69 each from the dollar store.
And the bubbles came in packs of 6 for $2 from the dollar store.

So of course each bag had a box of Smarties + a thing of bubbles......

I made up the labels on my computer, then printed them off on white cardstock. 
I wrote this simple message:
"Have a happy summer, Smartie!
From: Jason"

When I read the label to my son, he laughed like crazy, so apparently I chose the right caption for my audience of 5 and 6 year olds! Ha! :)
Today his class had their year-end class party since there are a bunch of school-wide activities planned for next week. These bags were a hit with the kindergaten kids!!


Canada Day Parfaits and Treats

Before we know it, Canada Day will be here!
Here's a simple treat to put together when you celebrate......

I used some margarita glasses as the dishes for mine......

You will need:

*fresh sliced strawberries (and raspberries would be yummy, too)
*vanilla yogurt
*whipped cream
*maple leaf sprinkles (you can find them at Bulk Barn)

I put in the strawberries, then some yogurt, then more strawberries, then topped it off with whipped cream and some maple leaf sprinkles!

These were a hit & my little kids loved them!

Last year I had this spread of goodies out after lunch on Canada Day......

-mini cans of Canada Dry ginger ale
-maple leaf gummies (25 cent candies at the candy store)
-maple leaf cookies (can be found at Walmart or Superstore)
-and a container of licorice

Lots of sweets to celebrate our amazing country! :)


Check out my past Canada Day posts & projects:


Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is tomorrow, but I have yet to post some ideas that I made up for the grandpas last Father's Day! So if you need a last minute gift idea, this post is for you!

Dad's Root Beer + jar of Reese's Pieces candies......

I just wrote on a Martha Stewart label (you can buy them in packages from Staples and they are so handy!)......

I made these collage prints for the Grandpas. I framed them for my dad and my hubby's dad. (We also mailed a print to the kids' Great-Grandpa.)......

And the kids really enjoyed making some pictures for their daddy, their grandpas, and their great-grandpa......

Here is the link to this gift idea that I put together for my dad a couple years ago......
(click on the photo to go to the post)

My kids are quite excited to give my husband his Father's Day gifts tomorrow! 

Hope you have a great day celebrating the special men in your life tomorrow!!


My Son's 5th Birthday Party- Pirate Theme!

It's about time that I post about my son's birthday party from last month!

He had a Pirate theme and I had lots of fun putting everything together!!

I did a party for extended family the Saturday after his actual birthday. I made these invitations that we mailed out......

And then he had a "friend party" where he was able to invite a few friends from his kindergarten class. 
It was the Friday before his birthday and I opted to do it in the afternoon right after school so that the kids could come right to our house, have lunch, then party! {I used this cute printable}

The set up in our dining room......

There were 3 banners for his party in total.
The first one was this pennant banner I made out of  fabric......

Here's the table all set up with the treats!

Above the table I had another banner and a couple pirate balloons......

I used some pirate scrapbook paper and a couple pictures of my son dressed up as a pirate to made the second banner that hung above the table......

All right, let's explore the table a bit more closely, shall we?

I covered bottles of water in scrapbook paper that had a wood grain on it and then made a label that said "Sea Water" and stuck in in a big bamboo clothespin. (I had bought a few sets of those clothespins with his party in mind from the dollar store. I knew they would be perfect for holding labels at the food table!) I made all the labels on my computer, then distressed them like crazy so they looked like old paper. (Although you can't really tell in the photos!)

I had a couple 2L bottles of pop: Pirate Beer and Pirate Ale (and I put in brackets underneath what they really were, just to avoid any alarmed parents....ha!)

I covered 1L cartons of apple juice in pirate scrapbook paper.

I found some of those sword toothpicks which were just fit perfect for the pirate theme.

I made soooo many cupcakes! 
I made cupcakes for his friend party.
I made cupcakes for him to take to school on his actual birthday. (Plus extras for our immediate family to celebrate together that night.)
And made more cupcakes for the extended family birthday party.

I just made 2 types and kept it simple. The white cupcakes were made in the blue pirate cupcake liners and had chocolate sprinkles and a pirate flag on top.
The chocolate cupcakes were made in white 'square' cupcake liners and then I topped those off with chocolate foiled gold coins.

Beside the cupcakes, there was a dish with chocolate gold coins & a 'pirate map', rolled up, and tied with twine.

I had found a couple of glass bowls from the dollar store that reminded me of fish bowls, so I filled them both with some "Catch of the Day" (gummy fish in one & colourful goldfish crackers in the other one).

The "Cannon Balls" were Whoppers chocolates.

And then there were come "Chips Ahoy Pirate Cookies". I was going to buy some of those Pirate Brand cookies (the peanut butter cookies), but I opted to stay away from anything with peanuts or nuts since so many kids have allergies these days.

I had some starfish shells on the table here and there.

The pirate chest was at request of my son. He told me a day or two before his party that he really wanted a pirate chest! So I made one using a box from mandarin oranges. I covered it with kraft paper, then painted on some details with acrylic paint, then distressed the edges with ink. He has played with it soooo much and still has it! So funny! On the table, it was filled with pirate loot!

I had a couple little tables set up with a pirate table cloth and a vase of plastic gold coins and plastic diamond jewels. When the kids ate, I had them kneel around the table, cause I just didn't have enough chairs for everyone. They're little and it worked! :)

In the living room, I hung up this humongous pirate banner & had the rest of the balloons there as well. 

Since his birthday is in December, his party decor is always up with all our Christmas decorations. 
I used some of the bamboo clothespins I had to display a few more of the pictures of him dressed up as a pirate......

I bought so so many foam pirate swords. Each kid got a sword to take home...... (I'm sure all the parents were thrilled! ha!)

Each child also got a treat bag to take home......

Here's the pirate loot that was in each bag......

The dollar store had this pirate photo prop for a couple dollars that I had bought almost a year ago with his party in mind. I took a picture of each kid at his friend party and guests from his family party as well. I printed a picture of each of his friends and gave them to the kids after the party as well as a picture of the group with a "thanks for coming" type message on the photo.

Here are my kiddos posing in the photo prop......

I'm happy with how everything turned out and how smoothly his parties went. And most importantly, he was such a happy birthday boy! That makes it all worthwhile! :)

I love doing fun parties for my kids' birthdays!
Here are the other parties we have had:

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Hopefully I will be back with a new post sooner than later!


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