DIY Lego Table

I put together this Lego table for my kids and it was super-easy!

I bought a Lack side table from Ikea. I chose a white one, but they have other colours, including red or yellow or green that would be cute. (price is in Canadian Dollars)

After putting it together...

All I did was measure out where the centre was so I would have the boards straight and in the middle, with a little border of the table around the edges. I just used my hot glue gun to add on the boards and they are stuck on good!

My kids had a few different types of Lego storage containers, but in the interest of space saving & a simple look, I bought this awesome bin to go underneath. It's a Vessla bin from Ikea. I have a few of these in our play room in other colours (green, blue, pink). They have casters on the bottom to move & a lid (sold separately). I love them for toys!

This now lives in our living room...

My kids of course loved it and play Lego every day. And it {mostly} stays on the table! Stepping on Lego hurts!


Disneyland Savings Tin

It's been 6 months since our last visit to The Happiest Place on Earth & I'm missing Disneyland!

I covered a dollar store piggy bank with cute scrapbook paper & added ribbon on the top & bottom edges with my glue gun. I finished off with some simple embellishments.

Now I can add in spare change and cash to add towards our spending money next time we go back!


My Son's 8th Birthday Party- Star Wars Theme

My son turned 8 in December and had a Star Wars themed birthday!

I edited a photo from our trip to Disneyland the month before...

I bought a book of posters from the new movie and used some to make banners...

My son enjoyed setting up his Star Wars toys on the tables for decoration...

Another banner I made with clothespins, string, and posters from the new movie. And he had some other posters he wanted to add from other Star Wars series...

At each place at the table, there was a mask for the kids to wear that I bought at the party store.

My daughter...

My son...

Lots of pictures of the food...

My son made the sign and the box for his party in the top left photo. It's cute how my kids enjoy helping me with party preparations as they are getting older!

We did one party for his school friends where they had more snacky things for food.

For the party with extended family, we had pizza for lunch, that's when I had the selection of pop out...

"Jedi Juice" out at the party for extended family...

I made labels for the pizza that we had at the party with extended family. It's nice that people can just read what each type is instead of having to ask!


Cupcakes at his other party! I also made cupcakes for him to take to school on his birthday. I was quickly sick of baking and decorating cupcakes!

Treat bags that we had for his guests at his friend party...

I sure had fun doing the Star Wars themed parties for my son as he is obsessed with Star Wars!


DIY Painted Ikea Kids Table

For my daughter's 2nd birthday, I made-over an Ikea table for her, as she loves tea parties.

I got this small table that came with 2 chairs (price is in Canadian Dollars).

I bought a set of Martha Stewart paint at Michael's that had some pretty colours I loved and painted it all...

*Note: I already had one chair from this set in case you are wondering how I managed to get 3 chairs!

I chose yellow for the table, pink for one daughter, purple for my other daughter, and blue for my son so they each have a chair, just for them!

I added on cute letting stickers onto the back of each chair & put some Mod Podge over to keep them from peeling off. I bought some flower vinyl stickers from the dollar store to add onto the top.

She loved it when I gave it to her on her birthday and my kids use it each and every day!


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