The Remodel of My Childhood Doll House

When I was expecting my first daughter, I began remodelling my childhood doll house!

It was quite late 80's/early 90's in style. Here are some before photos...

I decided to leave the exterior alone, but I painted the inside walls & trim and redid the fireplace...

I painted the table and painted a design on the wall with a stencil...

I painted and added new fabric onto the furniture & sewed little cushions.
I painted mini canvases and added photos of both my daughters at the same age to look like artwork.

I still have yet to re-do the couch in the living room. 
I made the curtains and curtain rod. I made the little white table and the books. The books were made with paper and mod podge. The are stiff and likely can't be destroyed by my kids.
I got the pink mini chalkboard in the dollar section at Michael's. I made the little rug when I was little at a church activity I believe.
In the frame above the couch I added a photo of my 3 kids.

Upstairs I made some bedding for the bed and made the little nightstand and painted the lamp.
I went through my scrapbook stash and added some items onto the wall for decorations.
I sewed more little cushions. My MIL made the little pink rug. The doily-type rugs are doilies I picked up in the dollar section at Michael's.

I really enjoyed decorating up my old doll house for my girls to have! My older daughter is turning 5 in the spring and really wants a big plastic Barbie Dream House and I am all for getting her one cause I think it would be cool for Barbie to have neighbors. lol She is quite obsessed with Barbies- like mother, like daughter!

Anyone else pass on their childhood doll house to their daughter(s)??


My Son's 7th Birthday Party- Phineas and Ferb Theme!

My son is turning 7 soon and we had a birthday party for him and some friends this past Saturday!

He picked a Phineas and Ferb theme this year.

I made this sign that I had in my front entry:

Some of the decorations on the table...
(I made the Phineas and Ferb sign in the frame and also made the banner using some Phineas and Ferb photos and clothespins.)

More decorations on the table... 
(I found the frame at the dollar store and put a photo of my son when he was 10 months old. I was feeling nostalgic!)

I made this sign that I had on the wall by my island in the kitchen...

My son wanted this put up somewhere so I put it on the island right where people started to get their food...

I have learned from past parties that it's not worth it to try feeding a bunch of little kids lunch since they would rather play than eat, so we did his party later in the afternoon this time and I had lots of snacks instead of a meal.

We had veggies and dip, Phineas and Ferb yogurt tubes, cheese strings, mandarin oranges, spinach dip & crackers, popcorn twists, and chips...

I covered bottles of water with colourful polka dot paper for the labels and had kool aid juice pouches in the colous we were going wtih- blue, orange, and green...

I made this sign to go with the cupcakes:

I bought the Phineas and Ferb rings online. 

The green icing way key lime flavoured, the blue icing was cotton candy flavoured, and the orange icing was orange cream flavoured.

My son loved his cupcakes and was unsure about the sparklers, as always!

I made jello that was blue & orange. This was a total hit with my son and his party guests!!

My son with Phineas & Ferb!

So my son's teacher from last year offered to let us borrow her Phineas and Ferb costumes from Halloween which was super sweet of her! I asked my brother and sister to come and dress up and I was so lucky that they agreed. I am really lucky to have people willing to go along with my crazy ideas! haha!

I took a photo of each party guest with Phineas and Ferb and gave the photo to them at school afterwards.

Here are the ones I took of my 3 kids with Phineas and Ferb...

The treat bags... (another sign I made)

The loot for the treat bags...

Each kid got a pair of spy glasses + magnifying glass, a Perry slinky spring, a Phineas and Ferb bow-out, Smarties, Rockets, and a sucker.

The kids each got more treats during the party from the games we played!

The party was a success and afterwards my son told me that it was his favourite birthday party! And that the Jello was his favourite- haha!

And now we do a repeat this coming Saturday for his birthday party with extended family!


Christmas Card Books

I wanted to do something with the Christmas cards we receive each year, so I finally figured out what I wanted to do: I created a little book of them for each year.
I had our cards saved for all the years that my husband & I have been married, here are all 9 books I made- 2005-2013...

I wanted them to be super-simple so it's easy to make one each year. All I did was punch holes through all the cards, photos, & letters and I bound them together using gold raffia. Ribbon would have also been great. I used a 4x6 card for the front and another one for the back of each book from my Project Life kits. And I labelled them and wrote the year. It doesn't get any easier, I tell ya!

I used cards from the Amber Edition, the Clementine Edition, The Honey Edition, and the Midnight Edition of Project Life.

It's been neat looking through them and seeing the older photos of our family and friends!

This was the perfect solution in my mind since all the cards are a total variety of shapes and sizes.

They are stored in this basket for the month of December, then I can easily make a new book for 2014 and add it to the collection before storing these away until next Christmas!

What do you do with your Christmas cards at the end of the holidays each year? Do you toss them or do you save them??


ChristmasTeacher Gift Idea

Today I'm going to share what I made for my son to give his teachers last year for Christmas when he was in grade 1......

I filled jars with treats (pretzel hugs) and gave them along with a gift card to Tim Hortons...

Pretzel hugs are pretzels, that have chocolate melted on them and m&m candies on the top. When they have set and the chocolate is hard again, they are ready to enjoy. They are pretty yummy!

And just because, I have to share how cute the Tim Hortons gift cards were last year...

I wrapped the jars up in clear Christmas gift bags, added a candy cane and the gift card, and tied it all up with some curled ribbon!

I had my son sign his name on the gift tags (I used some cards from my stash of Project Life supplies)...

And if you want another idea, click on the photo below to go to the post of what I made for my son to give his teachers the year before, when he was in Kindergarten!

Christmas Countdown Books- A Special Christmas Tradition

A couple years ago, our family began doing this new tradition, where the kids open up a Christmas book for us to read each day in December leading up to Christmas. I absolutely love reading a Christmas book to my kids each day and they love opening the book and the excitement of wondering which book it is.

Some time in November I bring out our collection of Christmas books. We have a variety as my kids are different ages (6, 4, 1 right now) so there are baby board books and longer stories. I plan that we read one of the Christ-centered stories on Sundays. And my son's birthday is in December, so I choose one of his faves to read on his birthday. The rest are randomly assigned a number for the day we read them.

I bought these rolls of Christmas wrapping paper to use for the book countdown this year...

I made these labels that I use each year. They are simple and I just print them out on printer paper, then cut them out with a paper cutter or scissors, then tape them on each wrapped book...

This year ordered a few new books to add to our collection, including The Polar Express, I'm excited for them to come!

I was happy to get our books all ready to go this week so we are prepared for the start of December!

It may seem like a lot to buy right away. If you want to start doing this and don't want to shell out all the money at once, look for books at dollar stores or thrift stores. I have probably bought half of ours from Scholastic book orders or school book fairs, as purchases from those allow the school to have credit towards buying more books for the classrooms and library. Bargain books from the book stores can have great options, too.

I like adding a few new ones each year and replacing the baby board books as my kids get older. 

 Again, I love this tradition!

Anyone else doing this in their homes this year?

Do you have any favourite Christmas stories? I would love some more recommendations!


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